Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Trip to AG!


Pippin asked for an American Girl trip for her birthday, so today we popped downtown and made a day of it. We loved looking at all the displays (the Lea displays were my favorite.)

Pippin got a Wellie Wishers doll! She got Camille, and she is really cute. I love the small size and adorable details of the Wellie Wishers collection, and they're really fun if you want younger dolls in your doll family. They're also pretty durable (at least, straight-haired Camille seems to be), and I think they're great first American Girl dolls for the younger set.

Since my birthday is the day before Pippin's, my mom let me pick out something. I got the Mod Monster outfit (which was on sale! Yes!) I've been wanting this outfit for a while, and I love the AG Halloween outfits. I'll do a review if you guys want.

With my own money, I purchased Lea's turtle, which I named Rio. Though overpriced, he is really cute and soft, and will be a fun desk decoration. :)

Have a good weekend!


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