Friday, May 6, 2016

I'm Alive...

'Lo there,

No, I have not died nor forgotten about this blog.
But it has been almost a whole month since I last posted.
I know, I'm ashamed.


Here's the thing. The weather has been perfectly beastly recently, very cold and dreary. Not very picture-y weather, I think.
And then when the weather is nice, I didn't really want to take pictures.
That is the great difference between this year and last year. Last year I was quite embarrassed to admit I liked dolls, and I certainly never talked about it to my friends. Now frankly, I'm mortified to even bring my dolls outside, because our neighbors are always outside, and I don't like my family thinking I'm still into the doll blogging thing I got into when I was 12. 
I still love my dolls, but I'm haven't really been into playing with them for two years now. I'm not into doll blogs as much as I was last year or the year before that. I've moved on. And that makes sense, because I'm almost fifteen and I've really found what my real passions are, what I do everyday and couldn't imagine my life without-writing and dance.
What I really only like doing is dressing them and doing their hair every once and a while, especially for holidays. Sometimes I play a little with Pippin and the dolls.

So here's the thing.
I am not quitting this blog. But I will not feel forced to post regularly. If people feel like they need to unfollow to clear their blogroll, that's okay.
Whenever I have a bit of inspiration, I'll do a post, or when I do a cute hairstyle, I'll do a post too. 
I'm going to keep this blog up to remind me of how I liked to play and pretend, and what really was my favorite thing to play when I was little!

I did take some pictures today of Kit in her cute "chicken feed sack dress" from Happy Birthday Kit.

Signing off for present,

P.S. #flashbackfriday to some of my favorite doll posts ever!


  1. I'm glad you're not leaving. :) I wouldn't dream of unfollowing you! I'll be happy to read your posts whenever you want to post them!

    -Clara <3

  2. Thanks for your support, Clara!


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