Friday, August 7, 2015

Bright and Light~A Short Photoshoot


Ever wonder why I rarely take photos of Gwen? Her bangs are so darn short I just cannot get her hair to stay neat! Anyway, I took a few photos with her today and I think they look fine.

I LOVE her eyes. They are so pretty and different from all my dolls. 
A bonus post inside a post. XD
 I don't play with stuffed animals anymore(unless Pippin wants to play), but I like to display them for fun. I enjoy collecting Tsum Tsums, little stuffed animals based off Disney characters. They're quite popular in Japan, and their name is Japanese, meaning "stack stack." Yes, they stack . ; )
I can't wait for The Nightmare Before Christmas ones which are coming out next month. There's a Vampire Teddy!


Alice in a teacup. 

Eeoyre. The most relatable Winnie the Pooh character ever, in my opinion. XD


Cheshire Cat. He kind of irritates me in the Disney movie, but in the book I like him. Has anyone seen the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland? What did you think? I wanna see it. 

Daisy Duck. Her bow is so cute.

Alice...not in Wonderland at the moment. 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Midsummer Musings

It's that time-Summer at it's peak.

Shadows take over the last rays of sun as night falls.

I get a sad feeling-this won't last forever. I want it to.

Nothing can match the glorious sound of the cicadas moaning or the feel of soft grass on bare feet.

Who needs shoes when you can dance like a sprite, barefoot, on dew kissed grass?

And despite all this magic the kids still don't believe...

There really are faeries. 


Bonus fairy pics.

(Amy likes to call them faeries due to the Olde English m'dears.)