Tuesday, October 13, 2015

To All the Doll Bloggers

Seriously, I don't care whether you choose to set a certain style for your photos.
I don't care what your design is.
And I certainly don't care whether you choose to use bright colors or girly vibes in your posts.
If anyone tells you to tone it down 'cause the AG blog community is "just a bunch of girly 10 year old flower children."
Don't pay any mind.
Because to tell you the truth, it's stupid to put that stereotype out there. It's wrong to think those people who like pink and such will change because it isn't your cup of tea. 

Just make sure you're respecting others no matter who you are, and that goes for everyone regardless of what your interests are.

It's hard, I know. I've let my touchy opinions show plenty of times. But making a concious effort really does make a change. 


  1. Thank you Kathryn, for posting this.
    I myself have been criticized for using very "girly" or "childish" themes. I've learned to just delete the comment, and moved on. I can't change my personality! Or my age, for that matter.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, as this is something that doesn't get noticed often.

    1. I agree, it is really a side of the situation which is not viewed with the most fairness. : )

  2. THIS.
    *tapes up all over the Blogosphere*

  3. ah, now i feel bad for being the big, bad teenager that likes darker themed posts. >.< though i don't think i've ever called anyone out on being "too happy", i've just stated that i was getting the vibe that i was unwelcome. the comm should be open to everyone, old and young, new and experienced, happy or sad, even doll lovers or not! i actually just recently got a comment on one of my youtube videos from a 16 year old boy that's into cinematography, complimenting my doll photography. everyone should be able to feel like they belong. that's what we're here for after all, isn't it? thanks for writing this. i agree with tenley, this shone a light on a subject not often covered here.

    1. It wasn't my intent to make you feel bad, I actually didn't know you read this blog, so sorry if I seemed like I was calling anyone out. Congrats on that comment though! It makes me feel great when my brothers are interested in helping me in my doll blogging.


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